Simulator Statistics

Get real-time statistics to help you improve your game.

Unbeatable Gameplay Statistics

Learn more about your game with the state-of-the-art golf simulators at Warwickshire Golf Sim. Find out more about the statistics our GolfZon simulators will give you about each and every swing.


Get real metrics to understand the performance of your swing. Our GolfZon simulators give you a better understanding of the distance of your shots by using highly accurate cameras to detect and monitor the dimples on the golf ball.

Launch Angle

Understand how your launch angle is affecting your performance. Our highly realistic simulators boast moving floor plates, giving players a realistic exposure to awkward shots that require careful angles.


Get complete statistics for each of your shots, in real-time. Improve your performance shot, by shot and get a handle on speed. Our simulators provide instant replays for each shot, further enhancing the sim experience.

Spin & Face Angle

Understand why shots may be straying off or taking on unexpected routes with real-time data on spin and face angle. The data provided helps you make small adjustments each time until you find the perfect technique for you. 

Warwickshire Golf Sim Statistics